Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend

Thinking birthday gifts for girlfriend? it can be difficult, especially for new couples. It’s bad enough we have to remember the birthdays of our moms, sisters, or other platonic girlfriends. Don’t sweat it though, with some practice, you can master the art of gift-giving, enabling you to give the perfect give to any woman, no matter how much you know about their likes or dislikes. People like receiving nice things, and if you show that you put some effort into the decision, you’ll wind up making the person happy.

So, what do you buy for a girlfriend that seems to have everything she needs? What birthday gifts for a girlfriend will have the best chance at being something she needs or doesn’t already have? We have a simple guide for no-nonsense gifts that will work with just about any type of girlfriend or personality.

It’s good to cover all your bases when deciding on the perfect gift, you can try gathering a little intel in the month leading up to the big day, but don’t make it too obvious. If you’re like most of us, though, you probably only have a week or two, tops, to find a birthday gift. Each one of our categories gives you choices for short-term and long-term planning for birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend. This gives you an opportunity to tie-in gifts with sentimental moments of your relationship or things that remind her of you when you are away. This is the key to giving the perfect birthday gifts for girlfriends.

Gift Baskets/Purses

To expand on the last category, if you’re unsure of what type of gift that will impress her the most, it’s not a bad idea to get as many different little goodies as you can, so that at least you have a blueprint to work off of for future gifts. Gift baskets can either be a collection of underwhelming products she either already has or doesn’t need, or it can be a very personal collection of memories, with some classic go-to items like chocolates and flowers thrown in the mix. The best thing about doing a gift basket yourself is that you can control your budget and you can customize it based on your girlfriend’s personality.

Food baskets are always a hit, but difficult to sell as a complete birthday gift for a girlfriend, unless she really loves to eat. Throw an all-purpose selection of basic make-up and hygiene products into a designer bag and you’ll really knock her birthday out of the park. You could also become the ultimate romantic and provider her with a box of erotic delights that both of you will enjoy.


Yes, you knew flowers had to be on the list. While you already know the drill about giving flowers as a last-minute complimentary gift to your girlfriend, you could make it extra special by tying it into her favorite color or smell. Getting non-traditional flowers or hard-to-find ones are always great birthday gifts for a girlfriend who is used to getting them outside of her birthday, it shows that you thought of her, which will earn you big bonus points if your budget is limited. Don’t forget about potpourri, natural herbs, and other fragrant plants that tingle the senses. Smell is an underrated selling point for sealing birthday gifts and making them memorable well after her birthday has passed.

Birthday Gifts She will Use

This strategy is often seen as a cheaper option for buying gifts, but that is not necessarily true. Things like home appliances or fitness equipment can definitely cost as much as fine jewelry, for example. If you’re looking for a unique birthday gift for a girlfriend, start thinking about past conversations or even arguments that you might have had over running out of something, hygiene products, make-up, or perfumes. Getting her something she doesn’t have, but could probably make use of, like a pack of magic erasers, stain-remover, cases, containers, and other stuff that can be multi-functional are things that will remind her of that special birthday gift for a girlfriend that didn’t expect such thoughtfulness for her everyday well-being.

Spa Treatment

Treat your lady like the queen that she is, send the message that it’s her special day to relax and check out of the planet for a day. Getting a spa gift card is an excellent way to show that you care. If you feel that you could get more value in buying her spa treatment products for home or that she is a homebody and would prefer to do it herself, there’s plenty of gift ideas on Amazon that will show you the hottest selling bath items and beautifying products that all women will love.

For example, right now bath bombs are currently the hottest craze online. These things turn the entire bathtub into a therapeutic experience of the senses. Make sure you buy from reliable products and not just ones that look amazing, as some can have allergic reactions to different people, turning your gift into a traumatic event.


You can’t go wrong with buying your girl some items that will make her laugh, cry, scream, and shout in delight. Books are always good birthday gifts for a girlfriend who loves to read, because sometimes buying new books gets pushed down on her list of things to do. Music will always be a perfect gift idea, because even if we don’t know all about what female products she likes or needs, it doesn’t take long to learn what her favorite types of music are. Try to impress her with a rare album or box set of her favorite artist, maybe get really crazy and buy her tickets to an upcoming show and hide them inside the set, but in a sly way that she won’t be able to tell it has already been opened. If you can get your hands on a shrink-wrapping machine, you can really have some fun with it.


Clothes should be the first thing on your list of things to get for your girlfriend’s birthday. That is, if you know all her sizes and have a flare for women’s fashion. Lingerie will always be the most cute birthday gifts for a girlfriend, which is what most men will get if they do buy any clothes. It’s another one of those birthday gifts with benefits. No matter how confident you are with buyer her clothes though, never lose that receipt, you never know how she will react or if somehow she already has it in her closet. Those things can be bottomless, no pun intended.

Shopping for clothes online can be especially tempting, the prices for everything can seem cheaper than any retail store, unless a huge sale is going on. Sometimes a gift card to her favorite clothing store is the safest route, even if that does seem generic. What matters is that she’s happy on her special day.

Gifts for Her Hobbies

If you’re striking out so far on this list, or you’re still looking for that special birthday gift for your girlfriend, you can’t go wrong with supporting her already established hobbies. Whether that is collecting rare artwork, Harry Potter memorabilia, playing video games, sewing, baking, gardening, writing, and etc.

Find something that she doesn’t have or has been wanting to own for some time, but cannot afford. For example, if she watches television a lot, upgrade her TV to a bigger screen or a surround sound system that will really bring her shows to life. If she likes to cook, buy her a new appliance that allows her to expand her ability to make more advanced recipes or improve the prep time for other recipes.

Dispel the Birthday Gift Curse

With these examples of birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend, you should not run into the common problem of not knowing what to get your girlfriend and resorting to the vanilla gift card and Hallmark card with a side of chocolates and flowers. These should not be your only choices for a birthday gift, they should complement something that she either wouldn’t expect or hasn’t received in a long time. We know it is a running joke that men often tend to completely forget birthdays altogether, but knowing what to get is half the battle.

If all else fails and you’re still nervous about buying her a birthday gift, get her friends and family to help you plan something nice, by seeing if they know something she wants from her conversations with them. If she starts to catch on that you have been asking them to help you, just turn on the 007 charm and tell her that it is pure conspiracy and a gentleman never reveals how he managed to nail her most-wanted item as her birthday gift.